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IIYM through various sessions, aims to increase Teachers and Student creativity and productivity, fostering a culture of ongoing learning and development. Increasing Teachers Student engagement, productivity, and innovation, the course helps Institutes stand out in their field.

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Aim At Paradigm Shift In Education

Indian Institute of Yoga and Management believes in bringing a paradigm shift in how students and teachers approach education and life. Our comprehensive course is designed to empower both students and teachers with the necessary skills to thrive in the 21st century. We aim to create a positive and supportive environment where personal growth, well-being, and success are fostered through a unique combination of forum-style conduct, a one-of-a-kind curriculum, and empathic faculties. Our Program is designed

For Teachers

The course is designed to empower teachers with the skills they need to impart 21st century skills to students in their day-to-day teaching and learning process. We believe that a positive work environment and teacher well-being are essential for student growth and success. Our experienced faculty are passionate about supporting teachers and providing them with the tools they need to thrive in their profession. Our course includes a range of interactive sessions, yoga, meditation, and personalized training to help teachers develop key skills and practices that foster their well-being, personal growth, and professional empowerment. ​

For Students

The course is designed with the aim of bringing a paradigm shift in how students think, behave, approach life, and deal with the various challenges of student life. With the help of their real-life scenarios, students will learn how to deal with challenges, maintain pleasant and conflict-free relations with their teachers, friends, and family, and the science of practically developing a strong will and how to achieve their goals. They will also learn how to increase their productivity without compromising their peace, how to deal with rising competition in today's world, how to deal with peer pressure, develop great communication skills, and much more. The effective forum-style conduct of this course, its one-of-a-kind curriculum, and the empathic ability of trainers to place themselves in the shoes of students make this course engaging and enriching for students. Anxiety, stress, worry, and overthinking have become alarmingly common today in the lives of students all across the world. Through our easy and effective meditation techniques, students will learn how to get relief from all of these.

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